Window Tinting in Western MA

Increase privacy and protect your car or truck from UV rays.

Add Window Tinting to your vehicle for added privacy or to protect the interior of your vehicle from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • Increased Comfort - Keep solar heat out for a more comfortable and cooler drive.
  • UV Protection - Protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays.
  • Decreases Fading - Protect your dashboard and seats from fading effects of the sun.
  • Increase Visibility - Minimizes glare from headlights and the sun.
  • Increase Privacy - Darken windows to increase privacy of valuable items in your car or truck.
  • Custom Look - Creates a unique and custom look for your vehicle.
  • Increased Safety - Reduces the risk of shattered glass and break-ins.
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency - Burn less fuel while using less air conditioning to keep cool.

Automotive Innovators window tint is available in various tint levels to suit your needs while complying with the Massachusetts and Connecticut state laws.

As with anything we do we make sure to adhere to the highest standard of excellence when installing window tint.

Automotive Innovators proudly installs LLumar Window Film.

Click here to view the tint laws in your state.

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